Could ‘Goldilocks’ planet be just right for life?

It seems like every year, new discoveries are made that make an even stronger case for life elsewhere in the universe. That doesn’t necessarily mean that aliens are visiting us in UFOs, but it increases the possibility, especially when their home planet may only be 20 light years away from Earth. The Associated Press is […]

Mothman in Germany?

I have to admit, Mothman is one of my favorite unexplained mysteries. Not because I fully believe that a giant moth-like humanoid terrorized Point Pleasant, West Virginia, from 1966 to 1967. But mainly just because the whole story is so bizarre. There are other stories about similar beings, but not many. Mothman just isn’t quite […]

Sasquatch Sexuality Now Online

A few days, ago, I wrote a post about an article appearing in Penthouse about the sexuality of Bigfoot. Well, I got a message (via a comment on that post) from Penthouse magazine, basically letting me know (and asking me to let our readers know) that the article is now online, and you can see […]

Vets laid to rest after being found in haunted museum

So this is an interesting story: A museum up in Buffalo, New York, found remains of 24 former soldiers 10 years ago in a closet. The museum, which used to be a church and then a funeral home, is not sure how the remains ended up in their possession, but fought to ensure the soldiers […]

David Boreanaz says new home is haunted

Sorry, David Borenaz fans: I’m about to take my wrath out him for an overall trend I’ve been noticing. Why is it that every celebrity’s home is haunted now? Granted, it gives me something to blog about – but that’s not the point. The point is, every time anyone has anything even remotely strange happen, […]

Pennhurst haunted attraction in question

This story really shines a spotlight on something I think many serious paranormal investigators would say is a growing problem in the field: ghost tours of supposedly haunted places. I have no problem with haunted tours as a general rule. I think if they educate the public and offer historical value, then there’s nothing wrong […]

Vancouver Island Lake Monster?

These days, I have so much more respect for the field of cryptozoology than I do for ghost hunting. One of the main reasons is because many leading cryptozoologists, such as Loren Coleman, John Kirk, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Esteban Sarmiento, et al., will fully admit when something seems impossible or a likely hoax or misidentification. […]

Sasquatch Sexuality

We’re not generally purveyors of porn here at The Occult Section, but as the old adage goes, we’re reading this month’s issue of Penthouse for the articles. Specifically, the article on the sexuality of Bigfoot by Loren Coleman and others. If Bigfoot exists, it is a biological creature, and therefore, has biological urges. Yet most […]


We don’t usually do blog posts here at The Occult Section on Sundays, but I just stumbled across this story and had to write about it. One, for its timeliness (the show premieres tonight), and second, for…well, just read on. REAL AND CHANCE: THE LEGEND HUNTERS — The Stallionaires, brothers Real and Chance, travel the […]

Tennessee teacher holds teen ghost hunters at gunpoint

We’ve done many stories here at The Occult Section on the dangers of trespassing in the name of ghost hunting, and many of these stories deal with the ghost hunters getting hurt accidentally, and sometimes even killed. But after reading this story, it’s apparent there is a new danger to ghost hunters everywhere: gun nuts. […]