Zac Efron is the Bravest Person Ever.

As if one High School Musical “star” having paranormal experiences isn’t enough, now Zac Efron wants to get in on the action.  He recounts a story how, as a youth, he explored a supposedly haunted house:
I went into a haunted house! Really! But now I can't do math 🙁

Zac Efron has revealed that he used to live next door to a haunted house.

Speaking to Virgin Media the 22-year-old High School Musical star explained that the neighbourhood he grew up in came complete with a creepy, supposedly spirit-filled home that terrified the community.

“The house next door was haunted [and] nobody would go inside,” he recalled. “It had all these broken boards and there were all kinds of weird stories about [what] happened there.”

However, the spooky residence failed to deter the young star’s adventurous side, as Efron claimed that he once plucked up the courage to explore the house with some friends.

“It was really weird like something in Alice In Wonderland,” he said. “We had to hike through a field of tall grass to get to the front porch. There was a smashed window in the back, so we went inside and looked around.

“We went up to the attic and heard a bunch of noises. We were like, ‘What is that?’ Then all of a sudden bats just flew out at us – we were scared s**tless and ran away. I’m pretty sure the place is haunted.”

Efron recently had another chance to demonstrate his bravery after he was challenged to eat a plate of bugs during a television interview.

Ah, kids these days. I’m sure the house was haunted – by asbestos. That probably explains the constant glazed-over look he has. I’m not going to even get into the plate of bugs bit at the end. There are better sources of protein out there!

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