The Vault of Horror and The Stanley Hotel

No news to make fun of today. Or rather, I’m choosing not to make fun of any news items today. Don’t worry though, Laura has some stuff for the rest of this week that will make you laugh. Today I’m just doing a little shameless self-promotion, as well as some promotion for a friend.

The Vault of Horror: Run by my high school friend Brian Solomon, The Vault of Horror has become one of the most popular horror movie blogs ever. Horror news, interviews with horror movie luminaries, hard to find trailers and more can be found here. Right now The Vault of Horror is running its “Lucky 13” series, which features guest writers blogging about their favorite movies in each of the 13 sub-genres. Yours truly contributes to Week 12, Sci-Fi Horror. I also blogged there, almost a year ago to the day, about investigating a haunted firehhouse in historic Richmond Town, on Staten Island, NY. This is one of the few blogs I visit daily, as there’s always something cool to read about.

The Stanley Hotel
The Stanley Hotel (Photo by Laura Pennace)

New York Paranormal Society: Run by myself and Laura Pennace, as well as our good friends James Bricks, Stacey Conway, Michelle Mason, and Shannon Baker, we investigate all things paranormal. We’re still ghost hunters, but now we investigate claims of UFOs and Bigfoot, as well as any other anomalous activity. We’ve recently added some sections to the site, including past media appearances, as well as our report on The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Laura Pennace visited the hotel in July and took a ghost tour, so be sure to check out her report. Future entries will focus on Roswell, Spider Gate Cemetery, and more!

The Paranormal Professional’s Primer Part 3: This entry will be posted next week at some point, focusing on how to conduct an investigation, and how to conduct yourself on an investigation. Stay tuned!

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