‘Paranormal’ Building Attracts Vandals

Like a moth to a flame, vandals love supposedly haunted buildings. I guess vandalism in and of itself isn’t exciting enough these days. Crazy, over-stimulated kids…

https://i2.wp.com/theletter.co.uk/images/lc/funny_graffiti.jpg?resize=208%2C208A former nursing home in Lawrence County that has become a mecca for paranormalists recently has been the target of vandals.

Police said someone threw eggs at the front of Hill View Manor in Shenango Township the building Thursday. Also windows have been smashed.

Police said they believe the cause for the recent increase in calls to the area is related to two recent paranormal national programs filming at the Hill View. Police also attribute local attention over the building being haunted is causing curious individuals to the area.

Hillview Manor, which has a pretty impressive website considering it’s a closed down nursing home and is being targeted by vandals, has been featured on Ghost Hunters and will also be shown on Ghost Lab’s second season.

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