Wartime radio’s got us spooked

Great Scott! Is it possible that a radio could be haunted? According to The Scottish Sun, a radio from the World War II era plays songs and speeches from that time – even though the radio is unplugged and seemingly non-functional.

"Did the French just surrender? At least some things never change..."

A vintage wireless radio is spooking listeners by playing sounds from World War 2 – even though it has had no power for decades.

Witnesses claim they have heard Winston Churchill speeches and Glenn Miller big-band music over the SCARE-waves from the 70-year-old Pye model.
But the 1940s’ set doesn’t even have a plug attached – and its interior is full of dust and cobwebs.

Pensioner Bob Sutherland, 72, told yesterday how he got a fright when he heard the old radio crackle back into life at Montrose Air Station in Angus.

Bob said: “I was walking past when I heard the Glenn Miller song, At Last, coming out at very low volume.

“At first I thought someone was having a bit of fun with me. But when I looked in the back of the radio it was clear no one had been near it for years.

“That type of wireless needs electricity to work but this one doesn’t even have a plug.

“Since then a few others have said they’ve heard Glenn Miller, while classic Winston Churchill speeches have also been heard.”

Wartime PM Winnie died in 1965 while US swing bandleader Glenn is believed to have been killed in a plane crash in 1944.

Mr Sutherland, a former RAF radio fitter, added: “We are all a bit spooked by this.”

The radio is kept in a 1940s museum at the airbase, which is rumoured to have several ghosts – including a dog and a pilot.

Air station secretary Peter David said: “There is a weird atmosphere at the base.”

For most people, when thinking of a haunted inanimate object, dolls seem to take center stage. I think it’s mostly due to the fact that dolls (like clowns, in my opinion) can be both fun and creepy. A doll is just a human-like object with some exaggerated features. Total creepo. It’s interesting that an inconspicuous radio would be christened as “haunted.” It seems as though the radio is exhibiting what is known as a “residual” haunting. It is not an intelligent haunting (as many dolls are claimed to be) since it does not interact directly with people. Since nothing is factual about the paranormal, it certainly is possible that this radio, for whatever reason, is replaying parts of the past over and over again. World War II was one of the most traumatic periods in history, so it kind of makes sense, as much as anything in the paranormal field can.

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