Brad Pitt Visits Psychic, and Duel of Ugly vs. Fat Begins

Brad Pitt, who has long passed his physical peak of perfection, has apparently been regularly seeing a psychic to help guide him through all of life’s troubles (boo hoo hoo). How do we know this? Because the psychic, Ron Bard, took it upon himself to blab and flab to everyone under the sun. Ah, class and credibility.
You want some candy, little girl…?

BRAD Pitt has been visiting a psychic!According to Life & Style magazine, the actor — who raises six children with partner Angelina Jolie — turns to psychic Ron Bard in order to gain insight on his life.

The Hollywood hunk apparently asks for readings when he is struggling with a problem and is keen for the fortune teller’s guidance.

“Yes, Brad has come to me for a reading,” Bard said. “I know him both personally and through my business. He is very, very spiritual.

“I meet a lot of celebrities in this business, and he’s truly one of the nicest people. He’s gracious and generous, just such a great person.”

Bard describes himself as “an adviser to some of the richest and most powerful people around the world…from powerful CEOs of American and Japanese conglomerates to Hollywood celebrities.” Earlier this year, he founded a paranormal social networking site, of all things, with his friend, Frasier star Kelsey Grammer.

Brad first visited Bard while married to Jennifer Aniston and filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Angelina in 2005.
All your answers lie within my chins…

You’d think that if Ron Bard really were as amazing as he claims to be, he’d have a better designed website. So who is Mr. Bard? Is he a poet (and he didn’t know it?). No. He is, however, seemingly “large and in charge” in the psychic world. I found an interesting article about him here, which I only skimmed to the point of seeing his weight: 170KG, which, according to a conversion calculator I just looked up online, is about 375 pounds. That, my friends, is about 3.5 Jennifer Anistons. Just wrap your head around that for a second. Perhaps he retains his clients by threatening to eat them. Perhaps he accepts McDonald’s as payment. How long does it take him to bathe?

And, lastly, you may be wondering what the “paranormal social networking site” is that he founded with Kelsey Grammer. It is not the now-defunct, which many in the paranormal world were a member of at one point. It is, instead, called “The Channel Channel.” I guess the only comment I can make here is that I’m surprised it wasn’t called “The Fatty Fatty.”

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