Roswell May Pull The Plug On Funding For UFO Festival

The Associated Press is reporting that city officials in Roswell, New Mexico, may be eliminating funding for the town’s annual UFO Festival. Roswell, of course, is the town in which a UFO supposedly crashed in July of 1947. Mac Brazel found the wreckage on his farm, and the Army sent Major Jesse Marcel out to collect the debris, which he claimed was not of this Earth. Apparently the metal couldn’t be burned, couldn’t be bent even with a sledgehammer, and contained foil-like pieces that if crumpled in one’s hand, would automatically spring back inot its original shape. The U.S. government, after sending out a bulletin that they had captured a downed saucer, then retracted the statement and claimed it was just a weather balloon. Yeah. And hence, the catch-all explanation for all UFOs was born.

ufo, ufo crash, roswell, roswell crash, the occult sectionROSWELL, N.M. (AP) – A UFO could be headed for a crash — a UFO festival. Officials in Roswell, New Mexico, may be pulling the financial plug on the annual UFO Festival. The event celebrates the supposed crash of a flying saucer near the town in the late 1940s. The festival includes a parade, complete with folks dressed as space aliens. But the City Council has approved a preliminary budget for next year, which doesn’t include any money for the festival. One council member says its outrageous to spend $150,000 of the taxpayers money on the UFO event. This summer’s festival is already funded and will go ahead as planned.

Look, I know we’re in a bad recession right now, and money is probably tight, but haven’t these guys ever heard the expression “You have to spend money to make money?” I’m not sure which of the many other reasons to visit Roswell, New Mexico, these city councilmen are counting on to bring in tourists and revenue, but I think they’d better take a closer look before making a final decision on this.

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  1. LOL! Your last paragraph is great! (Well, the whole post is, but the last part really cracked me up. Especially the part “I’m not sure which of the many other reasons to visit Roswell, New Mexico…” EXACTLY! Roswell = UFO tourism and that’s about it!)

    1. Thanks Courtney! It really did strike me funny that the one thing they decided to cut funding to is the one thing that will probably bring in the most money for them!

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