Ahhhh! ‘Amityville Horror’ home for sale in NY for $1.15M + animatronic hens

Anytime an article has a scream in the title, you know it’s good. Of course, this is the Daily News we are talking about. But I digress. The Amityville Horror house has been proven to be a hoax, the original people who started the story admitted to making it up purely to make money…and yet people still believe. Granted, the tragic, unexpected, and brutal death of an entire family at the hands of the oldest son is perfect fodder for a ghost story. But not every tragic story becomes a ghost story. Especially one as “out there” as the supposed happenings in Amityville.

Anyway, the house is for sale, so those who still believe are probably wetting their pants right about now, trying to figure out a way to scrounge a million bucks together. That’s a lot of couch change…

The house made famous in the 1979 film “The Amityville Horror” is up for sale in New York – ghosts not included.

The five-bedroom Dutch Colonial went on the market Monday for $1.15 million.

The Oscar-nominated film is based on the story of the Lutz family’s brief stay in the house in 1975 after six members of the DeFeo family were shot and killed as they slept in the home. Eldest son Ronald DeFeo Jr. was convicted of the murders.

The crime spawned a book and a series of movies that chronicled various supernatural horrors, including visions of walls oozing slime, moving furniture and a visit from a demonic pig named Jodie. The original film stars James Brolin and Margot Kidder.

Neighbors say gawkers still occasionally come by, mostly on Halloween.

OF COURSE. The story doesn’t stop there. The Daily News also reported that PETA wants to buy the house in order to turn it into a “horror house” that scares people away from using meat. I couldn’t make it up if I tried, folks.

Yeah, this is a really good idea...

There could be a new “sequel” to the Amityville Horror: PETA wants to move in.

The animal rights group has asked to lease the famed haunted home in order to transform it into an exhibit that would scare people out of eating meat and using animal products.

“In our horror house, the sound of slaughterhouse blades whirring while animals scream for their lives would play over loudspeakers.” Tracy Reiman, vice-president of PETA wrote to the present owners of the Long Island home.

“Visitors would be able to see animatronic hens struggling for space inside tiny battery cages and lifelike “fish” gasping for air as they slowly suffocate on the deck of a fishing boat.”

There is literally nothing I’d love to do more than schlep to Long Island and give PETA my hard earned money in order to watch animatronic animals cling to their non-existent lives. Where do I get in line????

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  1. I think there’s a law in Massachusetts requiring real estate agents to disclose to potential buyers if there was a murder in a home for sale. When my husband and I were looking for a home some years ago we were shown a home in which a murder had occurred. It was a little spooky, I must say, because everything was left as it was on the day of the murder…except for the bloodstained carpet. It looked like the family could come home at any minute and resume their lives.

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