Clearest ever alien footage stuns UFO researchers but not actual witnesses

Here we go again. It’s been a few weeks since some paranormal researcher posted some grainy, fuzzy, inconclusive video claiming it was the “best video ever,” so I guess we’re due. All News Web has the story as well as the video of a supposed alien in some farmer’s backyard. A UFO and ET related […]

‘Judge Larry’ to consult with the paranormal on ‘Psychic Court’

How did I know the super dramatic judge from Anna Nicole’s whole mess of a court case wanted his own TV show? I MUST BE PSYCHIC. “Judge Larry” may have landed his long-awaited TV show. “Psychic Court” will take litigants and viewers into the world of the paranormal. After gaining national notoriety for his emotional […]

Another Ugly Has-Been Celebrity Visits a Psychic

Move over, Brad Pitt: Tori Spelling is stealing all your psychic spotlight away from you. Of course, these days she’s trying to steal all the spotlight she can. Desperation is a stinky perfume. Anyway, Spelling, author of New York Times bestsellers (and sadly, no, that’s not a joke) “sTORI Telling,” “Mommywood,” and the newly released […]

Did Bigfoot crush roof of town manager’s car?

I’ve never been to Culpeper, Virginia before, but after reading this article in the Star Exponent, I think I can safely say it’s not the most exciting town in the state. Or the smartest. In an unconfirmed report, Bigfoot visited the town of Culpeper last week, leaving a massive dent on the top of the […]

DVD Review: The Fourth Kind

In my mind, what usually separates a good supernatural film from a bad one goes back to the age-old theory of less is more. As in, the less demon/alien/monster we actually see onscreen, the more we believe in the possibility that it actually exists. After all, nothing that a Hollywood director or computer can whip […]

Musicians drop Roswell UFO Festival shows

Earlier this month, I blogged about how Roswell may be pulling the funding for its annual UFO festival. Well, I guess some of the “entertainers” who were supposed to appear at this year’s event caught wind of this and promptly pulled out. News West 9 explains: ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) – Organizers of the Roswell UFO […]

Vanessa Hudgens’ home devoid of ghosts; career devoid of talent and longevity

Rumors were circulating recently that Vanessa Hudgens (best known for her naked phone pics for Zac Efron role in High School Musical) had fled her California mansion due to the presence of ghosts. Fortunately or unfortunately, her rep immediately dismissed the story. “Vanessa Hudgens has fled her Studio City, Calif., mansion because she believes it’s […]

Virginia man says he’s on verge of Bigfoot discovery

Ok, this story has been floating around for a few weeks now, and until now, I’ve refused to blog about it, but it just won’t go away. And I’m not sure why. A Virginia man by the name of Billy Willard says he’s on the verge of discovering Bigfoot. But I’ll let The Christian Science […]

Massachusetts Law Rules in Favor of Ghosts

The great and glorious Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ laws about “stigmatized” properties was recently discussed on the Boston Glob Globe blog: The well maintained 4 bedroom Colonial in a North Shore suburb with a great backyard looked nice enough thought “Debbie,” the buyer. However, she was dismayed to learn from neighbors after closing on the property, […]