Canadian UFO Spiral hoaxer comes forward

As a follow up to my story from Monday, apparently the man responsible for the Canadian Spiral hoax has come forward. Is this a surprise to anyone? I’m wondering if he honestly thought his hoax was believable, or if he purposely made it hokey-looking on purpose, to bait the nutjobs who actually buy into these sorts of things.

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He can't even take a good picture of himself.

What looked like numerous photographs and videos of a ship entering the cosmos was actually put together by not a team, but one person.

Kevin Martin, a Southern California Weatherman has come forward as the hoaxer to what is likely the biggest ever created.

Martin claims he e-mailed the material to in an effort to test a theory of his out.

“Who is more gullible, Americans or Europeans?”, asked Martin. “A growing number of conspiracy theorists are American, while Europe seems to have their head on straighter to the facts. I decided to test it out with a half done CGI video and photoshop photo stills, sending it to Betty Morgan at Space News section.”

Martin claims that his theory was correct, Europeans have a better handle on reality than Americans.

Upon further investigation it seems like Martin is a master at marketing, graphics, and even manipulation. was fooled and I apologize for that.

“Here, to prove I did the hoax I made one of an alien ship going by, another emerges from the ground and chases it. The craft drops a large atom device and it explodes on Earth. Oh yeah, and I even made the trees move from a still photograph.”

Europeans have a better handle on reality than Americans? Does he realize how popular that abomination of a TV show “Most Haunted” is across the pond?

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