Pennsylvania MUFON investigators capture vague amorphous blob

I know I’ve recently done articles about UFO evidence that isn’t great, as well as the UFO “waves” in Pennsylvania, but this article in The Canadian combines both, and once again, illustrates my points regarding both. I’m not sure why evidence this ambiguous keeps getting attention. If the object is so far away that you need to zoom in the maximum amount, and still don’t get anything but some fuzzy white blob, how is this proof of a UFO? At this magnification and blurriness, it could be anything: a bird, a plane, a star (and you thought I was going to say “Superman”), etc.

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"Wow! It's...something! Maybe!"

A Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Chief Investigator and State Section Director out investigating a UFO sighting with a witness at two locations captured on camera a triangle-shaped object at the first location and witnessed an “arc-like, crescent-shaped light that glowed pinkish-red” at the second location, according to testimony from the MUFON witness reporting database.

Pennsylvania MUFON Chief Investigator Bob Gardner said that he and State Section Director Michael “Doc” Melton concluded that the triangle object was “a solid object, cloaked, but with enough physical substance left to pick it up on this camera, 12.1 megapixel, and obviously sensitive to both UV and IR spectrum.”

Both Gardner and Melton are based in the Philladelphia metro area. The triangle sighting area was an “old farm site” in the region.

The two were taking photos of the horizen and later noticed orbs in the image and the triangle-shaped light.

The second area was a state park several miles away from the farm where they noticed the pinkish-red light in the shape of an arc or crescent.

Both sightings were at night. The second object was not captured on film. Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre said it is unusual for their own investigators to capture craft on film, but points out that Pennsylvania in general, and especially the eastern end of the state has been a hot bed of UFO traffic over the past year and-a-half.

While UFOs are being reported on a regular basis from most states, Pennsylvnia is currently one of the highest reporting states for UFO activity. Other states include Florida, Texas, and California.

The fact that these were taken while the investigators were photographing the horizon also speaks volumes. The sun could have been glinting off any number of terrestrial objects, and making them appear “weird.” I’ve seen contrails from planes lit up by the setting sun that have looked really out of this world. Too bad I didn’t take any fuzzy pictures of them.

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  1. Don’t comment on things that you don’t know about. As a seasoned investigator & frequent debunker of enhanced or altered pictures I know what sun glistening off contrails look like. Of course when anything is blown up, it gets fuzzy. What we took pictures of, was not there when the area was scanned with the naked eye nor was it in any other in the series of pictures.

    1. I know better than to claim that a photo of a fuzzy blob is a UFO. All I was saying is that this could be anything, since the photo is blurry. It’s not evidence of anything. There is just too much room for doubt. If you were truly a debunker, you wouldn’t push so hard for this to be a “UFO.”

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