Pennsylvania residents report UFOs and Bigfoot

As much as I believe in things like ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot, I’m always very skeptical when it comes to so-called “waves.” People will report seeing things for days (nights) or even weeks on end, and yet they very rarely have proof. If they know that the ghost in their house screams every night at 2am, why not set up a tape recorder? If a UFO buzzes their backyard every night at 8pm, why aren’t they out there with a video camera to capture it? So many of these waves have lots of reports, but usually very little evidence. I stumbled upon this article in The Canadian, and again, it made me wonder why there are pictures of the family in the article, but no pictures of the supposedly daily extraterrestrial visitors or Bigfoot prints.

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The sad thing is that the skeptics would never believe him.

But on a mountain top in the central part of western Pennsylvania, two related families on a large tract of land are feeling their own invasion today.

Dan and Alice own one home, while their niece, Mellissa, owns the second home on the property.

The two families are trying to deal with the almost daily UFO activity over their land – hovering triangles, orbs, and discs – and red lights that seem to be emitted from the larger objects that float silently to one particular piece of their property – their camp area.

While the overhead odd distractions might be enough to deal with and wonder about, the families have discovered dozens of what appear to be Bigfoot prints in many parts of their property, even prints that lead up to their home in the snow – and go nowhere.

Shadowy figures stand along a tree line, red eyes stare out at them from the forest, and errie sounds can be heard from many directions.

So are these people seeing something? It’s possible. But I also think it’s possible that they are exaggerating. Or maybe they really did encounter something strange, and now everything they see is a UFO or a Sasquatch. But as with all things paranormal, without evidence, it’s just another story.

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