The UFOs of Madison County, the NBC affiliate for Lexington, KY, reports that residents saw a UFO over Madison County on Wednesday. This time, it turns out it really was just a balloon.

ufo, flying saucer
St. Louis, are you missing something?

A UFO generated quite a buzz around the Madison County community on Wednesday. Lots of people were left wondering about the floating presence in the sky. Scott Powell, editor of the Berea Citizen, and his neighbors watched it for about 10 minutes as it seemed to tumble up into the air.

“It looked like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis had come up and was flying in the air, because it had that arch shape to it and it was kind of a metallic – it had a shine to it,” Powell said.

Turns out Berea residents weren’t having a close encounter of the third kind.

Powell later called LEX 18 to say that a teacher told him she released a 50 foot solar bag into the air to demonstrate how solar power works.

I’m not sure why people releasing giant, reflective objects into the air aren’t required to obtain permission first from the FAA. I mean, at the very least, it causes people to call 911 and report what they are seeing, and at the very worst, it could cause an airplane or helicopter accident and the possible death of the pilots or passengers. I know this wasn’t an intentional hoax, but still, seems a bit irresponsible.

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  1. In the article here it makes it seem as if she let thesolar ballon off on purpose, but she didn’t. We were doing a science project about solar power like it says but she was tying the end of it and it got away from her. No one could jump up for it because it was already too high. As soon as she saw it go up in the air she notified the FFA people.

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