William Shatner hosts ‘Weird or What’ for Discovery

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Unlike a lot of people, I really like William Shatner. Go ahead, make fun of his toupée, his weight, his…jaunted…and overly…melodramatic…way…of…acting. But he’s an icon, and he knows how to laugh at himself. Also, he’s friggin’ Captain Kirk. So anything he does is gold in my book. Especially if he’s going to be hosting a show that deals with the paranormal and unexplained phenomena, as reported by Entertainment Weekly:

Today, William Shatner announced that he’ll host a reality show called Weird or What for the Discovery Channel in the U.S. and the History Channel in his native Canada. According to Variety, “It will examine and analyze some of the weirdest unsolved cases around the world — ranging from paranormal phenomena, medical oddities and bizarre natural disasters.” Shatner said the show would present science in a “light-hearted, jaunty way.”

Presenting paranormal phenomena in a “light-hearted, jaunty way?” Bill is now an official member of The Occult Section.

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