Native American rangers document UFO/EBEs

So according to (my new favorite source of “high strangeness” stories) The Canadian, a UFO recently landed on a Navajo Nation reservation. So what brought them all the way to our little backwater planet? Rangers from the Navajo Nation Department of Resource Enforcement reported that a Navajo elderly couple and a girl saw a UFO land […]

Lakers Staying in Haunted Hotel

Back in January I gently chided the New York Knicks for claiming that staying in a haunted hotel caused them to lose a basketball game. Well it turns out this particular hotel in Oklahoma City is scaring the Be-Jeebus out of the entire NBA! Allegedly men staying in the hotel have heard a woman’s voice […]

Aliens may exist but contact would hurt humans: Hawking

Why is it that skeptical scientists (or at least those that are skeptical that an advanced alien race could ever get to our planet…because, we already know everything there is to know, right?) always debunk reported contact with aliens because the aliens are physically “too human-like,” and yet always assume that if the aliens did […]

Crews Report Ghostly Happenings At VA Firehouse

Haunted firehouses are certainly popular. We’ve investigated an alleged haunted firehouse, and I’ve even taken a tour of the now-closed Fire Patrol No. 2 (which will most likely be torn down to make way for some sort of housing development in the near future). And this story out of Virginia is pretty tame, just a […]

Ah the 70’s…

As someone who grew up in the 70’s and early 80’s, I’ve always really liked the cheesy paranormal shows and “speculation” docudramas that came out during that time, most notably In Search Of… hosted by Leonard Nimoy. I kind of feel like Nimoy added a certain amount of class to the genre, which was full […]

School bus driver discovers haunting image in photo

I’ve mentioned before that I love these kind of stories, mostly because to me, they seem like unsolved riddles. Sure, a ghost in a photo is certainly possible, but has anyone ever actually been able to prove without a doubt that a ghost was caught on camera? No. In fact, most “ghosts” in pictures are […]

Pennsylvania MUFON investigators capture vague amorphous blob

I know I’ve recently done articles about UFO evidence that isn’t great, as well as the UFO “waves” in Pennsylvania, but this article in The Canadian combines both, and once again, illustrates my points regarding both. I’m not sure why evidence this ambiguous keeps getting attention. If the object is so far away that you need […]

Pennsylvania residents report UFOs and Bigfoot

As much as I believe in things like ghosts, UFOs, and Bigfoot, I’m always very skeptical when it comes to so-called “waves.” People will report seeing things for days (nights) or even weeks on end, and yet they very rarely have proof. If they know that the ghost in their house screams every night at 2am, why […]

The UFOs of Madison County, the NBC affiliate for Lexington, KY, reports that residents saw a UFO over Madison County on Wednesday. This time, it turns out it really was just a balloon. A UFO generated quite a buzz around the Madison County community on Wednesday. Lots of people were left wondering about the floating presence in the sky. […]