Paranormal Investigator Arrested in Connecticut

The first rule of being a paranormal investigator is to make sure you are doing everything legally (i.e., not trespassing)! Though this particular case seems to be more about choosing the wrong kinds of team members. (Although, interestingly, the person arrested is also the founder of the group…)

ENFIELD, Conn. – A Connecticut-based paranormal investigator charged with felony theft denies that he failed to return a $2,200 thermal imaging camera he used during investigations to its owner.

Twenty-seven-year-old Matthew Kondracki of Enfield is scheduled to appear in Superior Court next Tuesday on a third-degree larceny charge, which carries one to five years in prison upon conviction.

The Journal Inquirer newspaper reported Thursday that Kondracki, an investigator with the Enfield Paranormal Society, was arrested Monday after a woman, whom police didn’t identify, complained to authorities.

Kondracki told The Associated Press the woman was the organization’s manager and bought the camera for the group. He says she was the last person to see it before it disappeared in November.

Thermal imagers are so hot right now. HA! Get it?? What a hot mess this situation is. (DOUBLE HA!)

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  1. Anyone who has ever spent more then 10 minutes around Matt knows he is guilty.

    He has been a liar, thief, and idiot his entire life. Hopefully he goes to prison, lets see him try to scam people there.

    Maybe a fellow inmate can help him investigate a haunting in his anus!

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