Mom’s final wishes come with ghostly threat

I’m not surprised this Dear Abby question is coming from Massachusetts (and I’m allowed to say that because I’m from there!). Children, beware.

Dear Abby: My mother is a spry, 75-year-old woman who has expressed an unusual request. She has told us “kids” that when she is called by the angels, she wants to be dressed in an aqua nightgown or PJs, and to be lying on her side. She says she will be sleeping for a long time, and she wants to make sure she’s comfortable. She also says if we don’t carry out her wishes, she will come back and haunt us.

I have attended many wakes, but I can honestly say I have never seen anything like this done before. What do you think?

– Wants to Do Right By Mama in Massachusetts

Dear Wants To Do Right: I think it’s wonderful that your mother is discussing this now — and I hope your letter will encourage more readers to begin this kind of important conversation with their loved ones.

Because the alternative is to be “haunted” to eternity, you should honor your mother’s wishes. But because laws vary from state to state, readers who want to find out what the law is in their state should visit and view the Personal Preference page.

What can I even say that would do justice to this post? Nothing. Nothing at all. Just enjoy it folks, and always respect your elders. Or else.

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