Photographer of Picton cemetery ghosts says photo is real

I mentioned this in a previous entry, but I just love photos that are supposed to show ghosts. There’s a new article from Australia with an interesting photo,,7491256,00.jpg?resize=350%2C263
Real or not? This image is said to show two ghostly children at the rear of the photo. The photographer says they weren't there when the picture was taken.

A picture posted on yesterday prompted plenty of reader cynicism, and in Sydney – where the cemetery photo was taken – the Daily Telegraph’s website was flooded with hundreds of comments.

But Renee English, who took the photo on January 9 while on a ghost tour for her teenage brother’s birthday, stood by her claim no one was in the cemetery at the time.

“Let them say it (it’s not true), I know I took that photo and I know those kids weren’t there,” she said.

“But if it hadn’t been me (who took the photograph) I’d probably be saying the same thing.”

Meanwhile, more details have emerged about Blanche Moon, the 11-year-old girl who died in 1886 and whose ghost is rumoured to play in St Mark’s Cemetery at Picton.

She was the daughter of Henry and Fanny Moon and her father is thought to have once been a timber worker and may even have helped make the railway sleepers his daughter fell off while playing with other children, sustaining fatal injuries.

She shares a headstone with her younger brother Alfred Henry Moon who died the year before Blanche when he was two years old.

An article in the Sydney Mail dated June 26, 1886, stated Blanche was taken to the Sydney Hospital after suffering a compound fracture of the leg but “expired in that institution”.

“The child (slipped) while stepping over and a number of the sleepers came upon her,” it read.

The City Coroner was satisfied her death was a “pure accident” and an inquest was never held.

What do you think? Do you think this image is real? Do you think other “ghost” photos are real?

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