Snow pics reveal ghostly figure

I don’t know why, but I just love the stories that I find that include a spooky photo. I’m not even being (entirely) cynical. I think it’s just because I love photography as much as investigating the paranormal. So here’s a story out of Great Britain with a snowy, ghostly-looking figure. Cippenham couple claim a ghostly figure in a photograph has left them ‘freaked out’ and unable to sleep.

Suki Ghatore, 39, of Lewins Way, said he went out to his front garden to enjoy the snow on Tuesday last week at 10pm and took his camera out to get a few pictures.

He snapped about 20 pictures – but one of them has shocked and spooked Suki and his wife Jessie.

The music enthusiast and guitar player said: “It shows a ghostly apparition, a figure of someone or something passing by. This has freaked us out, especially my wife. As you can guess we have not had much sleep in the last few nights.”

According to the couple it is not the first ghostly going on at their home.
Over the last three years they claim objects have moved, doors have closed ‘unexpectedly’ and they have heard strange noises.

Suki, who works as a storage controller for a hospital firm, said: “I do try to find relevant explanations for such events, but this photo has completely left my wife and I in shock.”

It’s hard to tell because the photo on the website is so small. I will give them that it does look freaky, however, it’s always important to think of other explanations. Suki even said this himself, but I feel as though his judgment may be a bit clouded (no pun intended, I swear!!!). I Googled around to see if I could find comparable photos that have been debunked. I came across this site which has several similar photos. Suki’s photo seems to be a mix of snowflake orbs, his own breath, and some possible matrixing of the shape his breath mist took.

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