Amityville Horror Thrills Again

Despite the fact that the Amityville Horror story has been proven to be a hoax, its legend still holds stronger than any other modern day ghost story in the country. This is proven by the fact that books have been written about the subject, experts have been consulted repeatedly through the years, the house itself has undergone cosmetic changes so that tourists have a harder time finding it, there’s an “official” website for the house….not to mention the fact it’s been made into several movies. Other stories, such as the Manson murders and the Lizzie Borden story, are close runners up, but I daresay the Amityville house is the most well known.

Anyway! I could go on and on about my thoughts. Suffice it to say I agree with the hoax idea. Splendidly, however, despite the fact that remakes usually aren’t the best movies made, a second remake of the “Amityville Horror” is going to be remade….again.

If at first you don’t succeed, we suppose…After a less than stellar remake launched in 2005, Hollywood is once again attempting to rework the classic supernatural thriller The Amityville Horror for a return to the big screen. This time around, Dimension Films and the Weinstein Company are rattling their chains through the classic haunted house.

According to our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting, producers are apparently in talks with a director to helm the re-boot, re-imagining, re-make – whatever the approach might be. The original 1979 film, which focuses on a pair of newlyweds moving into their first – and definitely haunted – house, unveils the ghostly aftermath of a long-ago murder. There’s no word yet on whether the remake will take a different approach to the material or simply update the content with more modern effects.

Will the movie be remade every five or so years until the special effects are so good that people will have to believe it’s true? I hope not.

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