A Paranormal Cruise

Yes, you read right. If you love the paranormal, and you love cruises, then have I got some information for you! Norwegian Cruise Line is partnering with the group Wisdom in Light to sell a paranormal-themed cruise around the Caribbean. In a stunning twist of irony (at least for us here at EPIC Paranormal), the […]

Strange Scent Haunts NBC Studio as Roker Fetes Mystery Novel

Is anyone else even remotely concerned that Al Roker has written a book called The Morning Show Murders? Er, foreshadowing, anyone?….Nah, I’m just bustin’ his chops. And I immediately apologize for using the phrase “bustin’ his chops.” I’m not cool enough to be talking like that. Anyway. Al Roker has written a murder mystery book, […]

In NoLa, Even Haunted Houses Face Foreclosure

Celebrities and haunted houses aren’t excluded from the strain of the economy. Especially celebrities like Nicolas Cage, who is losing two of his homes, both in New Orleans – one of which is supposed to be one of the most haunted houses in America. That’s quite a lofty claim, if I do say so. Of […]

Initiative Would Create UFO Commission In Denver

I wish I had a chance to vote on something like this. In Denver, Colorado, now officially one of the more interesting cities in the country, residents will be voting next August as to whether or not to create a panel to study the possible existence UFOs. It’s pretty interesting that it will be up […]

Amityville Horror Thrills Again

Despite the fact that the Amityville Horror story has been proven to be a hoax, its legend still holds stronger than any other modern day ghost story in the country. This is proven by the fact that books have been written about the subject, experts have been consulted repeatedly through the years, the house itself […]