Jennifer Love Hewitt ‘Thinks Her House is Haunted’

In a stunningly ironic and most likely marketing-driven twist of fate, Jennifer Love Hewitt, the star of Ghost Whisperer believes that her house is haunted. Of course, we are all haunted by people we went to high school with, so I’m not sure if I believe that part of it….but perhaps I am just being mean.

Jennifer Love HewittThe Ghost Whisperer star, 30, has reportedly been telling pals she’s been in contact with the spirit world.

“Love believes two different spirits inhabit her house in Hollywood,” a source, who refers to the actress by her nickname, told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“One is the spirit of a boy she went to high school with who was killed in a car crash. The second is a former resident of her house — Dorothy Chaney, the deceased wife of horror movie legend Lon Chaney Jr.

“She believes they’re both looking out for her. Whenever she hears something go bump in the night, she doesn’t worry. Love says she just thinks to herself, ‘Oh, that’s just Dorothy!’

“Love really believes ghosts sometimes communicate with the living. And she thinks she’s one of the lucky ones who they reach out to.”

Dare I ask that she “whisper” to them? C’mon I had to say it!!!

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