A Lakeport haunting: Ghostly encounters at the grocery store

A haunted grocery store! Could it be true? Quite possibly….this is out of Lakeport in California (a seemingly very haunted state!).

Lakeport Grocery Outlet is hauntedThe Hansens have owned Lakeport’s Grocery Outlet Bargain Market on S. Main Street since 2003.

Jeff Hansen said the store’s former owners mentioned the ghost, which he and his wife have both experienced.

Jackie Hansen explained that the store itself is rather a noisy place at night – its freezers make loud noises, and there are the usual creaks and other sounds that the building has.

But what they’ve seen goes beyond that.

In June of 2008, he came in early one Sunday morning to clean the store’s floors. He went into the back of the store and began putting water into a floor cleaner that weighs several hundred pounds and doesn’t move easily unless it’s on.

He stepped out of the room for a moment and came back in to see that the floor cleaner had been moved across the room, with water spilling all over the floor.

Thinking his daughter, Olivia, had come in and was pulling a prank on him, he yelled out for her, and walked through the store. Going to the front door, he saw no other cars outside, found the doors were still locked and realized he was all by himself.

Henry also has knocked over wine bottles – managing not to break them – and has a propensity for pushing things off of counters, said Kris Kuhlman, a longtime store employee.

One night, as the couple was in the store doing maintenance, they were walking down the aisle where paper products are located. Jackie Hansen said paper towels suddenly began flying off the shelves and across the aisle.

Seems like Henry may have a bit of a drinking problem also….

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