How to Ghostbust Your Home

Do you think you live in a haunted house? Or, conversely, do you think your house may be susceptible to ghosts? Well! This Old House is here to provide some helpful tips on how to “ghostbust” your home….and maybe fix some other unknown issues in the process. It goes through the process of ruling out potentially natural causes, researching and then contacting a paranormal group, and then what the steps are when a group comes into your home to investigate. While the article is mostly tongue-in-cheek (it’s so matter of fact you think you are reading about how to properly nail shingles to your roof), it is pretty accurate in terms of describing the investigation process. The last part of the article states briefly what could be causing what seems to be paranormal activity (but is in reality very normal):

This Old House Ghost-Busting Solutions
We’re always proactive in helping you and your home—but we can only help with “natural” phenomena

Banging and Clanging?
Restless spirits aren’t the ones raising a racket. Learn a simple fix for quieting down old pipes.

Creaky Stairs?
Blame age, not the supernatural, for the eerie squeaking coming from your stairs. Instead of calling in a ghost buster, let TOH general contractor Tom Silva show you how to tighten up joints.

Got Chills?
Make your windows airtight in 9 steps, and eliminate cold drafts without having to change your windows.

Think You’ve Seen a Ghost?
Maybe it’s just a cloud of dust. Learn how to get rid of indoor air pollution.

Strange Noises in the Attic?
Keep mice, rats, and squirrels from invading your home.

Personally I’d rather have a ghost in my home than a mouse…

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