The Haunted Stranahan House And The Spirits Inside

It’s funny to me to think that the oldest building in an entire county is not that old, comparatively. But I think that must be my New England snobbery coming through. And then, of course, the United States pales in comparison to Europe, old building-wise. Oh snap world! This house (now a museum), in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is supposedly haunted by several ghosts.


For those who like their stories on the spookier side, why not check out the Stranahan House , the oldest surviving building in Broward County. Not only is the home more than 100 years old, some say it’s one of the most haunted places, too.

The House was built in 1901 along the New River in Fort Lauderdale. Frank Stranahan, the first settler to the area, chose the site to run his Barge Ferry as part of the new road to Lantana, known as North Miami.

It served as an entire hub for the community, which included other settlers and Seminole Indians. Stranahan was Fort Lauderdale’s first postmaster; he was also a banker and businessman. His wife, Ivy, was one of the community’s first teachers.

Following his suicide during the Great Depression, Ivy leased the first floor of the house to outsiders for use as a restaurant while she continued to live upstairs until her death in 1971.

It’s believed the spirits of Frank and his wife Ivy still roam the property.

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