Paranormal Activity

Now I know I’m a little behind the curve, but I finally just got around to seeing “Paranormal Activity.” I thought it was overall a good movie, though the ending could have been a little better (like maybe not so, er, in your face). It’s good to leave things to mystery sometimes! Anyway, since I’ve […]

Peter Jackson’s ghostly encounter

So many jokes to crack, so little time. Jokes about hobbits and ringwraiths and Gollum. Peter Jackson, who now looks like a ghost of himself circa 2003, is telling his story of his exprience with a screaming female ghost over 20 years ago. “I woke up one morning and there was a figure in the […]

Sting’s Spooky Encounter

Sting, who’s looking a bit like Peter Griffin in the episode where he adopts birds into his beard, is releasing a winter-themed album this year that is “spooky” and “ghostly.” AND, if that’s not enough, he also claims to have seen a ghost! Rocker STING and his wife TRUDIE STYLER were left spooked one night, […]

Flu victim haunts Heritage Hall

You all may be wondering to yourself (maybe even at this very minute), “Is Canada haunted?” Well I am here to put your mind at ease. Yes, it is. Especially SAIT Polytechnic in Alberta. All good haunted house stories start off with a dark and sinister past and the tale of three SAIT buildings is […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt ‘Thinks Her House is Haunted’

In a stunningly ironic and most likely marketing-driven twist of fate, the star of Ghost Whisperer believes that her house is haunted. Of course, we are all haunted by people we went to high school with, so I’m not sure if I believe that part of it….but perhaps I am just being mean. The Ghost […]

A Lakeport haunting: Ghostly encounters at the grocery store

A haunted grocery store! Could it be true? Quite possibly….this is out of California (a seemingly very haunted state!). The Hansens have owned Lakeport’s Grocery Outlet Bargain Market on S. Main Street since 2003. Jeff Hansen said the store’s former owners mentioned the ghost, which he and his wife have both experienced. Jackie Hansen explained […]

Benton bar sees “ghostly” bartender in surveillance video

Sometimes a video or photograph is genuinely interesting…and sometimes not. This is a classic case of “anything remotely unusual must be a ghost.” Benton, IL (KFVS) – The Crazy Horse Bar in Benton serves a lot of spirits, but employees and patrons say overnight surveillance video proves–there’s another sort of sprit behind the bar. “These […]

Haunted houses thrive in scary economy

Whenever CNN publishes a story on ghosts or the paranormal in any way, I get excited. I think because I read everyday, and I like when they write about things that are relevant to me. Haha. Anyway, they recently published a story about haunted houses in relation to the economy. I mentioned several weeks […]

How to Ghostbust Your Home

Do you think you live in a haunted house? Or, conversely, do you think your house may be susceptible to ghosts? Well! This Old House is here to provide some helpful tips on how to “ghostbust” your home….and maybe fix some other unknown issues in the process. It goes through the process of ruling out […]

City cop nabs Texas Massacre character, then gets busted himself

Somewhat hilariously, a police officer from the Baltimore area mistook a man dressed as Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a real criminal, pointing his gun at the man. All of this was during a haunted house tour in a mall. My favorite quote: Baltimore County police tell me that the sergeant, Eric Michael […]