Haunted lighthouse in Maryland?

Every now and then I’ll post about a place that is supposedly haunted. This time around it’s Point Lookout Lighthouse in Maryland. Lighthouses just seem to attract spooky stories, eh?

Point Lookout Light

Is the Point Lookout Light in Scotland haunted? Coastal Living magazine seems to think so. The local lighthouse was named among five others for its spookiness and haunted legend dating to its use as a hospital and prison camp during the Civil War. I’ve never visited the place myself, but according to a Sun reporter, who wrote about it in 2003, the haunting is as much history as local lore:

“It’s not just Point Lookout’s whipping winds and remoteness that give it a haunted feel. Some say it’s the turbulent history of a place where thousands died slow deaths.From 1863 until 1865, the point was the site of the Civil War’s largest prisoner of war camp, housing more than 52,000 Confederate soldiers. Historians say at least 4,000 died, most from disease and exposure. The prison was dismantled soon after the war ended, and much of the site is underwater.”

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