Will The Economy Scare You Away?

Just how far will the effects of the economy go? As mentioned earlier, it apparently stretches to include the paranormal world. This article out of Idaho discusses the effect the economy may have on the haunted house industry. Understandably, these business owners hope their attractions will continue to attract, even in these hard times.

“Even if you don’t have money, sometimes you know, you’ll be able to skimp together like 8 bucks to run out and do something and you’re always happy after you do it,” said co-creator of The Theatre of Lost Souls in Shelley, Desi Richards.

Owner of the Haunted Mill in Teton, Dennis Briggs, agrees, “I think people need kind of a place to get some stress relief from the economy problems.”

The haunted theatre in Shelley said the failing economy is on the back-burner this Halloween.

“It doesn’t really matter, people still need to get out and do stuff,” said Richards.

I suppose only time will tell how well things will turn out this Halloween season.

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