Sayre Native Contacts the Dead, Gets Show on A&E

I am writing about this article for two reasons:
  1. The hilarious title (this post’s title is a word-for-word transcription)
  2. The fact that any self-respecting ghost-hunting group seems to need a member named Jason (including EPIC!)
(File (AP) )
I wonder how popular culture may or may not be affected by the large amount of paranormal-related shows on television. Will it make non-believers believe? Will it make believers into super-believers, thinking everything is paranoramal? There is a sensationalistic aspect to all these paranormal shows, in that there needs to be some type of drama and action to keep viewers interested. What people don’t know is how incredibly boring investigating the paranormal can actually be. Imagine sitting in a dark room for an hour, not saying anything, and having nothing going on. More often than not, that’s what ghost hunting is.
Anyway, on the one hand it’s good that this field is getting so much exposure, but on the other hand….it’s bad that this field is getting so much exposure.

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