The economy and ghosts

Why would the state of the economy and ghosts be linked? Well according to a recent survey, a majority of people would live in a haunted house or apartment for a discounted rent.

While a survey found 11% of renters believe they have lived in a home inhabited by ghosts, others would be willing to do so in order to save money. In fact, 69% of renters would be willing to crash with Casper for the right price. More than half (51%) would do so for free rent, and 27% would do it for half off the rent. About 30% said they’d bunk with the boogeyman for free utilities, while 23% would do it for a free flat-screen TV with cable. However, 31% of renters said no deal. Nothing, “not even a million bucks,” would convince them to conquer their phasmophobia (fear of ghosts).

But then there people who are selling their haunted homes on eBay, most likely hoping to profit even more than if it were an un-haunted home. So selling or renting a property that was haunted could, in different circumstances, apparently either raise or lower the price. Crazy stuff.

The survey claims that nearly a third of all people would never live in a haunted place, not even if serious compensation were involved. Perhaps it’s my bias, but really? People would pass up a million dollars to not live with a ghost? Do you know what I’d do for a million dollars?? A whole heck of a lot, and with a big smile on my face. And let’s leave it at that.

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