From Britain: Child-sex suspect worked as ghost hunter on telly

Talk about awwwwkward! Perhaps this is the reason why fellows like Jim Marshall are so against ghost hunters? It was reported that in Great Britain a man suspected of assaulting a child over the span of 10 years is also a psychic and a ghost hunter, going so far as to appear on the TV show “Most Haunted.” I think the only thing that show is haunted by is its poor choices in cast and comportment. Ha!

FUGITIVE paedo-phile suspect Martin Smith worked as a television ghost hunter before he was arrested over child sex allegations.

Martin Smith

The 44-year-old, who has been on the run for almost two years, is one of the country’s 10 most wanted men. Police believe he could be hiding out in a Spanish holiday resort.

But it has now been revealed that Smith, from North Shields, advertised his services as a medium, before his alleged perverted private life came to light.

Child rape-suspect, Smith, who was living in Cumbria at the time of his arrest, promoted himself online as a professional psychic ghost-hunter.

And just months before his alleged victim contacted police to report 10 years of abuse, he made his television debut on Living TV’s cult ghost-hunting show, Most Haunted.

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