Jim Marshall loses the ghost-hunter vote in Macon

Like all underrepresented voting groups, ghost hunters in Georgia want their voices to be heard. They certainly will not be voting for Jim Marshall for re-election as a U.S. Representative in the 8th Congressional District of Georgia. Why? Because part of Marshall’s platform seems to be anti-ghost hunters:


“Georgia Congressman Jim Marshall publicly attacks ghost hunting and those who participate.”

Horrific! In this day and age! We are a tolerant society! Apparently Marshall is friendly with Georgia Ghost Society founder Bob Hunnicut, and I guess people started linking Marshall to ghost hunting. In order not to confuse anyone, he took a strong stance against ghost hunters, thus alienating what I feel is a very crucial demographic of voters. Haha. But perhaps I am biased.

Paul Rish, until a few days ago chairman of the Bibb County Republican Party, will challenge U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall in the 8th Congressional District, he said Monday. Rish, who will be 30 next week, is making his first bid for political office.

He is president and CEO of his own voice and data network business, Rish Telecommunications, and was head of the local GOP until resigning Sept. 30 to make this congressional run. The Republican Party has tried to take down Marshall, a Democrat, for several years now, making Middle Georgia’s 8th District a national priority.

Regardless of anything, this situation is hilarious. VOTE PAUL RISH. He supports ghost hunters and ghost hunting rights. Look at this picture and tell me he’s NOT a ghost hunting supporter!

Former Bibb GOP chairman to challenge Marshall

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