Haunted home offered on eBay

A man in New Mexico, who believes his house is haunted, is offering the property up for sale…on eBay. The story has attracted nationwide attention, most likely due to the owner’s calculated decision to offer the home up during the month of October (the auction ends on Halloween).

There is no question about that, and ask almost everyone who has stepped into the home… you feel it almost immediately. The home has now been investigated by several Ghost Investigators from New Mexico, Arizona, and California, and has featured in several national and local media outlets. Including MSNBC, Yahoo!, AOL, ABC News, and many others. I personally lived in the home for 2 years and have had many strange and unexplainable events…I have never had a bad feeling in the home, simply a feeling of not being alone. I have always said it seemed like there was an old lady cooking in the kitchen, and it was recently discovered that an old lady died in the home in the late 1950’s and she was always cooking, and it is believed she (amongst perhaps a few others) …still haunt the home. The House is being sold with several of the original items that were in the home that are believed to be related to the haunting. The old wood burning stove, an old clawfoot tub, a wedding dress discovered in the home, and a shrine found in a closet.

The 100 year old adobe home in New Mexico is 3 bedrooms / 1 ba, and has a large closet, and built in wardrobe, laundry room, kitchen, living room, utility room, and work shed. The kitchen has been partially remodeled with new tile floors and counters, and a pressed tin backsplash. The Antique Clawfoot tub and the antique wood burning stove stays with the home. I have used this wood burning stove 2 winters and can heat the whole home with it, and cook a roast too! (there is also a propane heater). Interior Space is at 1250sqft, Yet the home’s footprint is over 2000 Sq. Ft. with it’s wrap around screened in porch, 2 car garage , and adobe shed(all have power). The Facade of the home faces south allowing for great use of passive solar design when heating in the mild New Mexico winters. And with most walls being 12-18 inches thick, the home stays cool in the summer (there is also an evaporative cooler installed).

(Taken from the eBay auction, which I won’t link to since in a month it will cease to exist anyway – if you want to look it up prior to Halloween, type in “Confirmed Haunted Adobe House in New Mexico Ghost Town”).

I wonder if the current owner could be held liable if the new owner does not encounter any sort of paranormal activity – since the house is being marketed specifically as a haunted house, and nothing happens – could there be a lawsuit? I mean I know it sounds ridiculous, but in this day and age, lawsuits for anything seem rampant. I’d be interested in hearing about a follow up story with whoever buys this house and what, if anything, they encounter.

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