Biography Channel Premieres New Series: Celebrity Ghost Stories

What do the following celebrities have in common? Carradine, Joan Rivers, Scott Baio, Teri Polo, Carnie Wilson, Carrie Fisher, Lisa Rinna, Illeana Douglas, Tom Arnold, Dee Snider, Gina Gershon, Traci Lords, Barry Williams, Sammy Hagar, Morgan Fairchild, Anson Williams, Ali Landry and Ernie Hudson.

They are some of the many celebrities who are interviewed in the first season of a brand new show on the Biography channel, “Celebrity Ghost Stories.” The show premieres on Saturday, October 3rd, and its first episode details the experiences of the late David Carradine, who felt that his closet housed the spirit of his wife’s ex.

This should be an interesting show, though admittedly, none of us will be watching. We will be, ironically enough, conducting a paranormal investigation. 🙂 If you watch, comment here and let us know!

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