“Unexplainable” Photo Snapped at Jim Morrison’s Grave

There seem to be a lot of stories about dead celebrities lately. And now we can add Jim Morrison to the mix. A photograph that was taken in 1997 seems to feature the image of the late rocker in the background. What do you think? Here’s one for fans of the late, great Unsolved Mysteries […]

Haunted lighthouse in Maryland?

Every now and then I’ll post about a place that is supposedly haunted. This time around it’s Point Lookout Lighthouse in Maryland. Lighthouses just seem to attract spooky stories, eh? Is the Point Lookout Light in Scotland haunted? Coastal Living magazine seems to think so. The local lighthouse was named among five others for its […]

Doctor Says Near-death Experiences Are in the Mind

I think we’ve all heard about the concept of near-death experiences, and now scientists are claiming that the phenomenon is simply self-contained in the brain. Dr. Kevin Nelson, a neurologist in Lexington, Kentucky, studies near-death experiences and says they’re not imagined. The explanation, he says, lies in the brain itself. “These are real experiences. And […]

Will The Economy Scare You Away?

Just how far will the effects of the economy go? As mentioned earlier, it apparently stretches to include the paranormal world. This article out of Idaho discusses the effect the economy may have on the haunted house industry. Understandably, these business owners hope their attractions will continue to attract, even in these hard times. “Even […]

Sayre Native Contacts the Dead, Gets Show on A&E

I am writing about this article for two reasons: The hilarious title (this post’s title is a word-for-word transcription) The fact that any self-respecting ghost-hunting group seems to need a member named Jason (including EPIC!) I wonder how popular culture may or may not be affected by the large amount of paranormal-related shows on television. […]

Evidence of the paranormal as interpreted through art

The Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery in Brooklyn, NY is hosting an upcoming show called “Evidence of the Paranormal.” It’s funny how the paranormal used to be a taboo subject to talk about, and now it’s not only accepted, but encouraged in so many different ways. The show, which runs from November 21st to January 10th, […]

The economy and ghosts

Why would the state of the economy and ghosts be linked? Well according to a recent rent.com survey, a majority of people would live in a haunted house or apartment for a discounted rent. While a Rent.com survey found 11% of renters believe they have lived in a home inhabited by ghosts, others would be […]

From Britain: Child-sex suspect worked as ghost hunter on telly

Talk about awwwwkward! Perhaps this is the reason why fellows like Jim Marshall are so against ghost hunters? It was reported that in Great Britain a man suspected of assaulting a child over the span of 10 years is also a psychic and a ghost hunter, going so far as to appear on the TV […]

Floor collapses during Ohio ‘ghost walk’

A recent Associated Press story: GERMANTOWN, Ohio — Fire officials say a “ghost walk” tour had a scary ending in Ohio when the floor of a 164-year-old log cabin collapsed, injuring two people. Fire Chief Dan Alldred says the first floor of the Toll House gave way as the local historical society was wrapping up […]

Disneyland Park Ghost Spotted: Fans think it is Walt Disney

A video has been popping up in various stories from a series of security cameras in the Disneyland Park in California. People are claiming a ghost is walking through the park, eventually walking out onto the water. This is a video of a ‘ghost’ walking through Disneyland the back of the park including the Haunted […]