Animal Planet Jumps on the Bandwagon

Just in case you felt as though there weren’t enough ghost-related shows on TV nowadays, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Animal Planet is coming out with their own show called Haunted Animals (later changed to The Haunted). If you check out their website, this is what you will see:

Animal Planet to air The Haunted - Haunted Animals

Do you have a firsthand account of a true animal ghost story?

Have you had a paranormal experience that involved you and your pet?

Are animal spirits attempting to haunt you from beyond?

These true stories could be about an animal you believe was haunted by a spirit, or about an animal spirit which haunted you!

Animal Planet is now accepting submissions of real-life stories involving animals and paranormal activity.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences as part of a new television series, please fill out our questionnaire, email it to and a producer from the show will contact you.

Ooh, a questionnaire! And if that’s not enough, the network is also going to various parts of the country and doing open casting calls, inviting people to bring their pets.

While animals can be a good indicator of strange activity in general (such as sensing a natural disaster like a tsunami), I don’t think an entire show can be constructed around pets and the paranormal. I own a cat, and he’s about as crazy as can be. If he sees a microscopic fly, he goes nuts. A show like this would not be a controlled situation. There would be no way to test or verify experiences. Not every animal senses things, and not every animal who does sense things senses ghosts.

What’s next, a paranormal show on ESPN?

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  1. I happen to know people who are on the show, believe me, you could easily make a series out of the experiences. Don’t judge something before you’ve seen it all the way through. It’s not all about what you think…

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