Folks Arrested While Ghost-Hunting At Empty NJ Hospital

It would be interesting to see if this was just a group of friends or an organized ghost hunting group. From the age ranges listed, I’m guessing this was a paranormal group.

Folks Arrested While Ghost-Hunting At Empty NJ Hospital

According to 1010 WINS, six people, ages 18 to 39, were arrested for trespassing on the ground of the old Essex Country Hospital Center in Cedar Grove, NJ. The building, once a mental hospital, is being razed for parkland; it has also attracted many trespassers and/or ghost hunters, thanks to being mentioned in Weird NJ (here’s the entry, plus video). However, Essex County Sherriff Armando Fontoura was adamant in saying there were “no ghosts, goblins or boogeymen [on the site]. What you will find, however, are uniformed officers on patrol and plainclothes detectives conducting surveillance of the property. Trespassers, vandals and mischief makers will be arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law. We strongly advise individuals to keep off the property as it is being renovated and it can be dangerous.”

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