Astronaut Claims Aliens Exist

This is one of those stories that usually gets me annoyed. Skeptics like to bring their own “legitimate” scientists or witnesses into the UFO debate, and that’s supposed to be the final word. Buzz Aldrin says there’s no UFOs, and since he’s been to a tiny part of space a few times, he must know everything, right? But when another astronaut, in this case Edgar Mitchell, says that UFOs do exist, the skeptics will shoot him down. Yes, Buzz Aldrin is more well-known. But that’s like saying Angelina Jolie is a better mother than, well, any other mom in America, just because she is more well-known. If one astronaut is credible, than why should any other astronaut be less credible?

The thing is, something is going on. I’m not saying UFOs are extraterrestrial. Just “unidentified.” Maybe they’re military craft, maybe they’re natural phenomena, maybe they are beings from an alternate dimension or universe. The point is, we don’t know. And I think there are enough credible witnesses and evidence, going back way past 1947 (when most skeptics will erroneously claim the UFO “craze” began) to justify some serious study. Too many pilots, military personnel, and other people trained for such observations and circumstances have just too often seen things they cannot explain. Are we to believe that Major Jesse Marcel, based out of the only operating Army base in the world that was allowed to handle nuclear weapons at the time, couldn’t identify tin foil, balsa wood and other weather balloon materials? If so, then there’s a bigger threat to our national security than UFOs.

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