Area 51 debunked? I don’t think so…

Ok, so according to this article on, the mysteries of Area 51 have been solved. It seems like five former employees at the base are talking to the media, and are claiming that the UFOs sighted at the base over the past 40 years or so can be attributed to a top secret military aircraft, known as the A-12 Oxcart. It seems that this project was recently declassified, so now they are free to discuss it. Apparently the craft has a disc-like body, and has a reflective surface.

You know the skeptics will be all over this, just as they were all over the report that came out a few years ago claiming that the Roswell incident was just Project Mogul, not a weather balloon. Just a different kind of weather balloon. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

I don’t think that most of the sightings at Area 51 are extraterrestrial craft. Actually, I’d bet all of them were simply military craft being tested. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility that some alien technology has been reverse engineered there, or that remains of previous crashes, including Roswell, could be housed there. Just because these guys worked there doesn’t mean they knew everything that went on there. Think about any organization. Does the IT department know what the accounting department knows? No. So while I don’t think Area 51 is chock full of alien flying saucers, I don’t think that you can discount everything weird about the place just because of the A-12 being declassified.

But I’m sure a lot of skeptics will come out and use this as ammunition to debunk all UFO activity.

On a side note, I really liked the photo in the article from Stan Romanek’s video of the “alien” popping his head in his window. Fake as a $3 bill, but who among us wouldn’t need a change of underwear if something like that did peek into one of our windows?

Intergalactic Peeping Tom
Intergalactic Peeping Tom

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