Astronaut Claims Aliens Exist

This is one of those stories that usually gets me annoyed. Skeptics like to bring their own “legitimate” scientists or witnesses into the UFO debate, and that’s supposed to be the final word. Buzz Aldrin says there’s no UFOs, and since he’s been to a tiny part of space a few times, he must know […]

Area 51 debunked? I don’t think so…

Ok, so according to this article on, the mysteries of Area 51 have been solved. It seems like five former employees at the base are talking to the media, and are claiming that the UFOs sighted at the base over the past 40 years or so can be attributed to a top secret military […]

The Field Guide to North American Hauntings

Lots of the famous hauntings in here, from Amityville, to the Winchester Mystery house, as well as lesser-known haunted places, such as the Conference House (a favorite of mine). Also, many of the entries have a related picture, to help you better visualize the spooky scenery.

Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America

Overall this is a great book, especially to newcomers to the field of cryptozoology, but even us armchair cryptozoologists can enjoy it. I’ve read just about everything ever written on Bigfoot, and I still loved this book (not to mention I learned a thing or two).

The Field Guide to North American Monsters

Lots of good stuff in here. So many different, rarely heard of monsters, it’s really a treasure trove for those of us sick to death of reading about Ogopogo. Some of my personal favorites are the Grinning Man, the Wendigo, the Goatman and the Winsted Wildman. Also, almost every entry has a related picture, if not of the beast, then usually it’s preferred stomping grounds. Great stuff.