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Bigfoot Video Declared Fake

March 29th, 2011 1 comment

It didn’t really need to be said, but I’m glad it was. I reported on a supposed video of Bigfoot in North Carolina last week, and pointed out how fake it looked. According to this article, The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization ( has now debunked the video of a supposed Bigfoot crossing a road, dubbed the “knobby” Bigfoot.

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bigfoot, sasquatch, knobby

Hillbilly in a gorilla suit: not as elusive as Bigfoot.

Digital News Report – A five second video of bigfoot scurrying across a road in North Carolina has nearly 2 million views on YouTube (see video below).

The user, knobbylives, shot the footage on the Golden Valley Church Road, Shelby, NC on Tuesday, March 22, 2011. The creature shuffled across the road and went into the woods, according to the poster.

“We later took photos of feet prints in a freshly plowed field”, Knobbylives said.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization says the video is fake. “The costume is so bad that the cameraman had to blur the picture”, the research center said. “YouTube is chock full of hillbilly masterpieces like this.”

But knobbylives claims it was a bigfoot. “At one point in the video it made a snarling growling sound and looked back at me”, the original video poster claims.

The video is so blurry and the gait of the creature looks so fake, that the BFRO really had no choice but to call this a fake. But it’s good to see paranormal research organizations that actually call shenanigans when it’s appropriate. So many groups out there are so quick to call every strange light a UFO or every illuminated dust particle an “orb.” The search for good Bigfoot evidence continues, apparently.

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Far Side Friday 3/25/11

March 25th, 2011 No comments

Growing up, I was a faithful reader of The Far Side by Gary Larson. My dad always brought home his newspaper from work (do people still even read newspapers on actual paper anymore?) and I’d go straight to the comics section to read The Far Side. I’ve always loved the humor of Gary Larson, even if some of his cartoons made seemingly no sense. But one of the things I liked most about him was that he often dealt with things in the paranormal realm, like UFOs, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, ghosts, and anthropomorphic cows (which I think would fall under the “cryptozoology” category). Anyways, I’ve recently rediscovered The Far Side, as I have most of the book collections of the cartoons and have been reading them at night before bed. So I figured I’d share a few of my favorite paranormally-themed Far Side cartoons on Fridays. I’m apparently a fan of alliteration, too.

This week’s cartoon deals with a clumsy ghost falling into some bean dip and revealing himself. If only ghosts would actually do this, ghost hunters would have a much easier time of things. Expressions are the best parts of Larson’s cartoons, and I love how Edna is just pointing.

the far side, gary larson, ghost, ghosts, bean dip

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North Carolina man says he’s got video of Bigfoot

March 24th, 2011 3 comments

And here we go again with another supposed video of Blobsquatch. I mean Bigfoot. The video is posted below, and I have to say that the gait of this thing looks pretty fake, like a man in a suit walking too fast, and you really can’t make out much except for the legs. This may very well be Bigfoot, but as far as evidence goes, it’s pretty poor. From MSNBC:


bigfoot, sasquatch, knobby

The elusive Bigfoot? Or an unusually tall Ewok?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Shelby, N.C. man says he has captured video of Bigfoot.

Thomas Byers e-mailed WCNC NewsChannel 36 in Charlotte, N.C., saying he saw Bigfoot walk across Golden Valley Church Road in Rutherford County Tuesday evening. Byers’ says he was about 15 to 20 feet away from the creature when he captured a five-second video.

“It ran across the road and into the woods right in front of us and I was able to film it,” Byers wrote. “In the short video you can hear it snarl or growl at me.”

Furthermore: “One thing I know is the smell of it was horrid. It smelled like a cross between road kill and a skunk. And it did not like the fact that I was there on the road with it. In the video you can hear it snarl or growl at me as it crosses the road.”

To read Byers’ personal account of the sighting, visit

What do you think? Bigfoot or not?

The snarl that the supposed Bigfoot utters isn’t all that impressive either. I just wish that more of the video was shown (before and after this clip), and obviously a cleaner, brighter image would be great. I’m sure somebody out there will clean it up soon, and hopefully we can get a clearer picture of what this thing is.

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El Chupacabra Mystery Solved?

March 23rd, 2011 5 comments

I’ve never really believed in the existence of el chupacabra. It has no real supporting evidence of its existence prior to 1995 (not to the extend that other cryptids do, anyways), and always seemed more the spawn of the internet craze rather than a real creature. And now after 15 or so years of lots of mangy coyotes being accused of being the creature, I see no reason to put much stock in the claims. That being said, I really hate when skeptics come up with neat and tidy explanations for things they refuse to believe in. Such as this story that is all over the web right now.

I also really hate skeptics who accuse every person in the Bigfoot/UFO/paranormal community of trying to make money off of their sightings, yet write books to make money off of their “profound” explanations. Even though I don’t believe in el chupacabra, I don’t believe the entire phenomenon sprang up because of the movie “Species.”


species, el chupacabra

If el chupacabra looked like this, I'd be more apt to believe in it, too.

Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster rank as the top two best-known monsters in the world, but since its 1995 debut, El Chupacabra has made a Justin Bieber-like ascension to No. 3 on the charts. The relative newcomer to the monster world is the go-to culprit for weird livestock deaths and creates a massive media stir whenever it’s “sighted.” It even has a fan club on Facebook.

That could all end, now that Benjamin Radford, author of several books on monsters and paranormal phenomena, managing editor of the journal The Skeptical Inquirer and LiveScience columnist, has released what he says to be definitive proof that El Chupacabra is not real; it’s not even a hoax, he said, but rather a leftover memory of a science- fiction film.

Stories of El Chupacabra first surfaced in March 1995 in Puerto Rico, Radford said, when dead, blood-drained goats began showing up (El Chupacabra translates to “goat sucker”). That August, a newspaper printed an eyewitness description of a bipedal creature, 4 to 5 feet tall with spikes down its back, long, thin arms and legs, and an alienlike oblong head with red or black eyes. That depiction became associated with El Chupacabra, and it reports of similar creatures began popping up throughout the Caribbean, in Latin America, Mexico and Florida.

The frenzy had died down slightly by 2000, but picked back up in 2004 when something began attacking livestock in Texas. A farmer shot one of the offenders, and later more alleged El Chupacabra carcasses turned up. They looked nothing like the Puerto Rico original, though, and DNA tests later revealed that they were actually coyotes with a severe case of mange.

On top of the sudden change in appearance—a hairless, snarly-looking four-legged creature is the popular depiction in Texas—these coyotes didn’t even act like El Chupacabra. “When you did a necropsy of the chickens and goats that they attacked, they all had normal blood levels,” Radford told Life’s Little Mysteries. “They were not, in fact, vampirized.”

“By the mid-2000s, anything weird was being called El Chupacabra,” he said. “Mangy coyotes. Dead raccoons. Even a dried fish in New Mexico, which looks nothing like El Chupacabra.” And yet the myth continued to gain momentum, so Radford, who has researched El Chupacabra and other strange sightings around the world for years, decided to cut it off at the head and set off to Puerto Rico to trace the beast back to its fictional roots. (Disclosure: Radford is a contributing writer to Life’s Little Mysteries and columnist for its sister site, LiveScience.)

Mistaken identity

Radford dug through every El Chupacabra mention and traced the physical description of the monster to a single event in the second week of August 1995, when a sketch from an eyewitness named Madelyne Tolentino ran in a Puerto Rican newspaper. Locals immediately tagged the alien-looking animal as El Chupacabra.

The creature, Radford noticed, shared a strong resemblance to the alien/human hybrid in the 1995 sci-fi thriller “Species.” When he spoke to Tolentino, he asked her if the thing that she saw could have been inspired by the film. Indeed, she had seen the movie in the weeks prior to making her description.

“You can make a direct connection between the film hitting theaters, her seeing the creature in the film, seeing it in the street, making the report and entering the public conscious,” Radford said.

Soon after, reports of nearly identical creatures began appearing throughout Latin America. But these can be dismissed, Radford says, because they’re all based on Tolentino’s Hollywood-inspired monster.

“What I’ve tried to do is take the whole El Chupacabra enchilada and break it into small mysteries and then solve those mysteries,” Radford said. “There’s no place else for those mysteries to hide now. If I haven’t solved every piece of it, then I don’t know what I’m missing. It’s all there.”

“That said, if next month or next year somebody finds El Chupacabra that’s sucking blood from animals, I’m happy to eat my crow and add a chapter to the book.”

The last word

Even if you’re not convinced by DNA evidence or Radford’s research, simple logic should help you realize that El Chupacabra just doesn’t exist.

For one thing, it would take a couple hundred to a few thousand of the creatures to keep the species alive. If each of those animals is five feet tall and weighs around 100 pounds, it would be pretty difficult for there to be no confirmed sightings or fossils, particularly on an island as small and as densely populated as Puerto Rico.

For another, even if the beasts managed to hide, they’d still need a lot of food, and if they are actually vampires, then you’d expect to find a lot more blood-drained carcasses.

If true believers have one complaint against Radford’s work, he expects them to say that it’s implausible that Tolentino saw something that doesn’t exist. Radford, who has a degree in psychology, chalks that up to confabulation, a common scenario in which people simply confuse the fictional and real worlds. [10 Urban Legends Debunked]

“The question then becomes which is more likely, the astronomical chance that this creature looks exactly like the one from ‘Species,’ or that the film is just where she got the depiction?” Radford said.

So why does the myth persist? Radford says it’s the result of a perfect storm of urban legend-brewing conditions. El Chupacabra was one of the first mythical beasts discovered in the Internet age, and its image and story spread around the world — and especially to Spanish-speaking countries — in a matter of weeks. It also gained the early support of UFO enthusiasts, who latched onto the idea that the creature was alien, or an alien’s pet, as well as the conspiracy/cover-up angle often associated with forensic analyses of the “beast.”

Radford has another theory: “The thing about myths is that people want to believe in things,” he said. “I suppose that, in a perverse way, there’s something comforting in that there’s this vampiric monster that doesn’t attack humans.”

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New UFO Documentary: UFOs Do Not Exist!

March 21st, 2011 1 comment

I have to admit, I’m lagging behind in my paranormal documentary watching lately, even though I did get the opportunity to see the very well-done Eyes of the Mothman last month. So I was excited to see that another documentary is coming out, this time about UFOs. I’m glad to see other paranormal topics getting some attention, as I feel that TV is really saturated with (and killing) the ghost hunters motif. Here’s the press release:

ufos do not exist, ufo, ufo documentary, ufo'sReality Entertainment announces the release of UFO’s Do Not Exist: The Grand Deception and Cover-Up of the UFO Phenomenon, a new documentary featuring over two hours of the darkest UFO secrets.

From the dark years of the UFO era, this amazing documentary details the facts they DON’T want you to know. UFO’s are real and the government and military forces know it. These factions have researched and investigated sightings as early as the late 1930’s, while simultaneously denying any interest in the UFO phenomenon. They have been debunking and covering up UFO sightings, crashes and incidents for decades. This fascinating DVD covers over 100 UFO cases including: UFO sightings and encounters during World War II and Vietnam. Exclusive Majestic 12 document connections. Learn about the UFO sightings by Warren Beatty, Stuart Whitman and Walter Cronkite. A C130 takes off in 1966, encounters a UFO and lands in another location in the year 1982. Jackie Gleason views crashed UFO wreckage and bodies and UFO crash retrievals. The history of the 1940’s Philadelphia Experiment and a visit to the Montauk Project base where it continued into the 1980’s. You will discover proof that UFO technology has been used by the U.S. Government to accomplish time travel and create total invisibility, and much more.

This is really piquing my interest because it seems like it will be touching on some stories that haven’t been covered too often in other documentaries or TV shows, such as Jackie Gleason’s supposed experiences. The press release doesn’t give a date of release, but lists the release date as March 22. View the trailer below.

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